Train with Industry Professionals

Welcome to the East West Training Center. We provide instruction and training in a variety of topics for the security industry including de-escalation, self-defense, non-lethal use-of-force and firearms. At this time we are currently training officers exclusively for Northwest Overwatch at our Tacoma Headquarters.

Courses are under development for the security industry and general public and will be taught both online, in classroom, and in field environments.

WA State Security Guard Certification / Firearms Basics
Okinawan Isshinryu Karate
WA State Security Guard Certification / Firearms Basics

We currently offer 4 training classes by CJTC state certified firearm instructors:

  • 8-hour WA State Unarmed Guard training
  • 8-hour WA State Armed Guard initial firearm qualification class and range test
  • 4-hour WA State Armed Guard annual requalification class and range test
  • 2-day WA State Armed Guard firearm training and qualification with 4 hours of range time
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