Security Technologies

Do you need security technology for your home or place of business? We have the solutions you need. Video surveillance technology is an affordable and effective way to deter crime and monitor your place of business or property. We can design a security solution that will give you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Video Security

All-in-one cameras built with the future in mind, featuring:

  • Simple installation and setup with no server required
  • Remote access 24/7 via web based application
  • Encrypted cloud-based communications
  • Solid State and remote storage capabilities
  • Facial and license plate recognition and other intelligent technologies
  • Remote sensors for monitoring environmental changes such as temperature and humidity, door sensors, motion sensors, and asset tags

Mobile Security Cameras

Mobile security cameras can be installed almost anywhere and feature:

  • Installation in less than 30 minutes
  • No wires, power, or internet required
  • Remote access wherever you are


Sensors and tags feature replaceable batteries, wide range (up to 300ft) of service from a sensor base, and real-time alerts. Devices and locations can be managed from a single console for ease of use and access.

Secure Access Control

Touchless access control technology allows our Openpath readers to integrate with our cameras, sensors, and other building control systems for a complete security solution for your home or business.

HALO Smart Sensors

Advanced HALO sensors can monitor for a wide range of environmental, air quality, chemical, and audio signatures, such as gun shots and other noise disturbances, fighting/rioting, keywords (i.e., “Help”, “Gun”, etc), Vaping/THC use, spray paint, etc.

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